Shipping Policy



Products are normally shipped within 24 hours after an order is received.  If this time frame falls on a weekend or a statutory holiday, the shipping will be fulfilled on the next business day.

The amount of time needed for delivery depends on the country and is about 4-5 working days within the US and within the European Union.

Delivery times guaranteed in writing are considered fulfilled when the parcel leaves our company in time.

If a shipment is refused by the client, we reserve the right to claim indemnification for all damages.

Please understand that follow-up orders cannot be fulfilled if previous orders have not been paid yet. Outstanding debts that are not paid after written reminders were sent are collected through the court system.

System breakdowns, Government action, delays in supplies not due to our fault, strikes, and lockouts, as well as force majeure, entitle us to withdraw in part or in full from the contract or to prolong the delivery time accordingly. If the merchandise cannot be supplied, we can withdraw from the contract.

Shipping is at the risk of the customer. The packaging cannot be returned or refunded. Packaging becomes the property of the customer. Shipping costs are charged to the customer, either flat rate as indicated on the order, or proportional to actual cost. The choice of the shipping method is done by us unless the customer requests a special kind of delivery, in which case any extra cost is charged to the customer.

Out of Stock/Back Ordered Items

If the merchandise is not currently in stock, the shipment is delayed if we expect resupplies within a few days. If resupplies are expected later than 3 working days later, the purchaser will be contacted to confirm if they wish to split the order, wait for the complete order, or receive a refund for the back-ordered item(s). The delivery of the out of stock items is free of charge. The customer has the right to withdraw from the order of the second delivery.

Delivery Issues

In case of damaged delivery, notify the shipper at the time of delivery on the receipt and our office as soon as possible. Get a confirmation from the delivery person, and take pictures of the damage to document it.

International Shipping, Duties, Taxes & Custom Fees (outside US and EU)

The shipper ensures that the merchandise contains a correct customs invoice for import into other countries. Every country has its own rules with regard to the importation of nutritional supplements and devices. It is the customer's responsibility to make sure they comply with any local requirements for import. We cannot be held responsible for import duties; or if the customs department refuses to let the merchandise enter, destroys it or sends it back. No refund can be given if merchandise is not returned to us. If merchandise is returned, for example when the recipient refuses to pay customs duties, we can only refund the merchandise in good condition without shipping cost and minus any incurred costs such as shipping the products back to us, storage fees, etc. If any documentation is requested for the importation of the products, we will provide it if what is required can reasonably be expected from a manufacturer of nutritional supplements and devices.

If your shipment is unable to be delivered to you for any reason or you refuse to accept a shipment, we cannot issue a refund or pay for the products to be returned to us. In the event that a package gets returned to us by the courier without our consent and shipping costs are billed to us, we will deduct any expenses from the refund and reserve the right to charge you if the refund is smaller than the total costs. In the event that you would like the package reshipped, we charge all costs incurred by the failed attempt to ship to you, including shipping, handling, clearance, duties, and tax expenses.

Shipping via courier often allows for the order to be delivered to your door, but please note that you may be required to pay the customs fees, duties, and taxes for the order upon delivery, or may be billed by customs at a later date. We have no control over these charges, nor do we benefit from them in any way. The shipping charges you pay upfront do not include any duties and taxes that may be incurred in your country.

Orders shipped to Canada will be shipped via FedEx International or USPS, depending on the customer's request. Shipments to Australia are only shipped via USPS; no other shipping options are available.

Flagged countries (subject to change):

  • Brazil

  • Columbia

  • Russia

  • Chile

  • India

  • Venezuela

In order to fulfill an order to any of these countries, we will request a signed release form stating that we are not liable for any problems experienced due to the country's local customs office and that we are not liable for return shipping costs.

We do not ship to Mexico or Argentina anymore due to frequent issues with customs.