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21 Day Program According to Dr. Hulda Clark

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    Does not include the book. Please contact us before ordering the program.

    Included Supplements: 2x Amino Acids, 2x Betaine Hydrochloride, 1x Biotin, 2x Black Cherry Concentrate, 3x Black Walnut Hull Caps, 1x Calcium Citrate, 1x Cayenne, 2x Cloves, 4x Co-Enzyme Q10 400mg, 2x Digestive Enzymes, 1x Dr. Clark's Iodine Solution, 4x Fennel, 6x Folic Acid, 1x Frankincense Oil, 1x Ginger, 13x Glutathione, 1x Goldenrod Tincture, 2x Hydrangea, 3x Hydrochloric Acid 5%, 1x Inositol, 3x IP6, 2x Kidney Herbs Tea, 1x Arginine, 1x Cysteine, 3x Lipase & Pancreatin, 1x Liver Support Tea, 1x Ornithine, 1x Magnesium Oxide, 1x Methionine, 2x MSM, 4x Niacin, 1x Niacinamid, 6x Oregano Oil, 1x Pantothenic Acid, 1x Potassium Citrate, 5x Selenium, 3x Taurine, 1x Thioctic Acid, 4x Turmeric, 1x Uva Ursi, 4x Vitamin A, 1x Vitamin B1, 2x Vitamin B12, 4x Vitamin B2, 1x Vitamin B2 Powder, 1x Vitamin B6, 2x Vitamin C Caps, 1x Vitamin C Powder, 1x Vitamin E, 4x Vitamin D3, 1x Wintergreen Oil, 2x Wormwood

    Included Devices & Accessories: 1x VariZapper 2.0, 1x pair Conductive Slippers for Zapping, 1x Z708 Program Driver, 1x Z715 Program Driver, 1x Z720 Program Driver, 1x Dr. Clark Ozonator, Magnet 100 Gauss, Magnet 4000 Gauss.


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