Cholesterol – Shock and the Alternative by Alan Baklayan |

Cholesterol – Shock and the Alternative by Alan Baklayan

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    This combination does not exist.

    More and more people question the use of pharmaceutical products because of their known toxicity. But this awareness alone does not suffice.
    An alternative solution for health problems that must be addressed has to be found. It is the strength of the well published naturopath Alan E. Baklayan to find workable elements of a therapy, test them thoroughly, and get them into a format that can easily be applied by the public. Clear instructions
    for a protocol that anyone can follow at home! Based on the research of the American Naturopath Dr. Hulda Clark, Baklayan presents his solution
    for high cholesterol with this book. Make use of the many years of experience of this expert. I wish you a lot of health and success!

    by Alan Baklayan, in English