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VariGamma 2.0 – Frequency Generator

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    The Zapper is Dr. Hulda Clark’s most famous invention, an easy to use frequency device. VariGamma is a Frequency Generator for the advanced Zapper user who is adept at choosing frequencies and putting together their own frequency programs.

    The VariGamma 2.0 Frequency Generator allows you to program your own frequency programs. This is for the person who is familiar with Dr. Hulda Clark’s book “The Cure for all Diseases” and the frequency tables she published in it; but it can also be used to program frequencies according to Royal Raymond Rife, Dr. Bob Beck, or other researchers in the field of frequency applications. You can store your own programs in the VariGamma 2.0 library and can transfer them onto a Program Driver Card, or on your VariApp by means of NFC technology.

    If you already own a VariZapper 2.0 , you can purchase the VariGamma 2.0 Module and upgrade your VariZapper 2.0 to a VariGamma 2.0 at a much lower price than buying two separate devices.

    This VariGamma 2.0 features:

    • Higher precision frequency application thanks to the latest generation of electric components.
    • Reads and plays Program Driver Cards (specific frequencies put together according to individual needs – see Program Drivers).
    • Program Drivers can be uploaded via a Smartphone app by standard NFC technology (phone needs to be equipped with NFC antenna).
    • No more disposable batteries. The device features an internal rechargeable battery. No battery charger necessary any more, and better for the environment!
    • Maximum frequency range! Generates frequencies between 1 Hz and 1 MHz.
    • Program your own Programs on the Device or save on Program Driver Cards to be used with the VariZapper 2.0 or VariGamma 2.0.


    • The VariBase 2.0 (Basic unit) with the VariGamma 2.0 Module assembled to a complete VariGamma 2.0
    • Suitcase
    • Cables
    • Charging Cable
    • Wristband electrodes
    • 2 pairs of medical gel electrodes
    • alligator clip